Sciatic Nerve Pain

 7.5 million people in the US alone suffer with sciatic nerve pain. Nerve pain, back and leg pain, and buttock pain are the most common causes of sciatica pain. Pain relief treatment for sciatic pain, sciatica nerve pain, leg pain, and buttock pain no longer equates solely to visiting the pain doctor, pain clinics or pain center." Relief from sciatic nerve pain is the key to living life again. If you are searching about relief for sciatica, then let the alternative treatment of pains be the LaserTouchOne for your pain treatment. 

The LaserTouchOne is a revolutionary new technology that puts pain relief in the palm of your hand. Found to be 93% effective for decreasing pain in clinical study results.  This break through product is currently the only device available that combines low-level laser therapy and micro-current electrical stimulation. Combining the healing power of micro-current electrical therapy with a low-level medical laser, the LaserTouchOne facilitates pain relief and healing at a cellular level.


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  • Will save you and your family 100's , even 1,000's of dollars in medication, doctor's visits-not just the first year, but every year.
  • Investment good for years and years of instant pain relief.
  • Is a safe, healthy alternative to surgery and medication.
  • Eases your pain in minutes.
  • Is convenient- a handy household item.


Beverly L.

“ I just think it just works so well.  I mean, It's soothing and it's cooling and it's just... makes you feel like you want to go out and run. - Beverly…”

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