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1. Should I use the LaserTouchOne™ after a sports activity?
Use of the LaserTouchOne™ after sports activities can aid muscle healing.
2. Can I use the LaserTouchOne™ before a sports activity or event to loosen my muscles?
This is a very effective use of the LaserTouchOne™. Many elite athletes have found great benefits by doing so.
3. Can I use hot and/or cold packs in between treatments with the LaserTouchOne™?
Yes, but limit any hot or cold pack to 15 minutes. You may find that you will not need them with the use and the effectiveness of the LaserTouchOne™.
4. How long should each treatment last? Are longer treatments with the LaserTouchOne™ more effective?
Optimal results are achieved by treating no more than 2 minutes per area at a time. Treat multiple times per a day as needed.
5. How often can I treat myself?
You can treat painful areas multiple times a day as needed.
6. Should I continue to take my pain medication?
In general, as the pain eases you can taper off the medication and eventually stop as the pain is gone. Be sure to consult your medical provider about changes in your medication.
7. Is the LaserTouchOne™ safe to use?
When used within the safety guidelines listed in the booklet, the LaserTouchOne™ is a safe and non-invasive way for you to reduce pain.
8. What types of conditions can the LaserTouchOne™ help improve?
The LaserTouchOne™ can be used on many areas of the body to reduce pain, increase range of motion and restore function. Conditions include:
  • -Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Hip and Knee pain
  • -Muscle Tension
  • -Tendonitis/Bursitis
  • -Sprains, Strains and soft tissue swelling
  • -Tennis and Golf Elbow

What you should know-

This non-prescription, handheld device:

  • Eases your pain in minutes
  • Is convenient- a household item
  • Is easy to use by anyone.
  • Is a safe, healthy alternative to surgery and medication.
  • Investment good for years and years of instant pain relief.
  • For many, works where other remedies haven't.
  • Speeds recovery for athletes.
  • Will save you and your family 100's or 1,000's of dollars in medication, doctor's visits- not just the first year, but every year.


Jan R.

“ I have been in pain with neuropathy for 15 years. I had been to several doctors and nobody could help me, and the medicine they gave me never worked. I…”

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